International SOS App

Date: March 24, 2015
Type: AFA Article

The International SOS program that United is subscribed to has developed an assistance App.  With this Assistance App, you will have a world of capability in your hand and it is the only medical and travel security app integrated into a global assistance infrastructure. 

The App provides:

  • One-click dialing to the nearest International SOS Assistance center for whenever they need help or advice
  • Instant access to the latest medical and security alerts for their current location from International SOS and Control Risks (with the capability to browse alerts for other locations)
  • On-the-go access to Travel Security Online and Medical Country Guides without the need to type in a membership number
  • An electronic copy of their membership number, so it's always at hand. 

The International SOS Assistance App is available on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices. You will need to have United’s membership number to activated and be able to use the App.  United’s membership number can be found on your membership card which was mailed to your home or you can find it on United’s Flying Together website.  

To download this app as well as other useful apps please visit our website

To download a copy of United’s International SOS membership card

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