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An Update from the Seniority Merger Integration Committee (June 23, 2015)
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Dear United Flight Attendants:

First and foremost, we are Flight Attendants. We are representatives from each of our pre-merger airlines. Together, we serve as your Seniority Merger Integration Committee (SMIC). The AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws (C&B), which is also reinforced by U.S. law, provides clear instruction on our role and authority in merging the three seniority lists to be implemented at the point of a ratifi ed, single Flight Attendant contract at United Airlines. As your representatives for seniority integration, we are honored and privileged to work together on a process that is part of bringing us all together at United Airlines.

On February 12 and 13 of this year we began our work with training on our AFA merger policy, U.S. law and our responsibilities as members of the SMIC. The training was conducted at our International Offi ce in Washington, DC and included instruction from an outside attorney who is recognized throughout the country as an expert in the law governing seniority integration and the Railway Labor Act.

Since February, we have met extensively as a complete committee several times in Washington DC, as well as on conference calls. Each pre-merger seniority list has been researched so that we could send a verifi cation letter, dated April 15, to each United Flight Attendant. In response, we received 1,412 letters from the 20,000 that received a letter.

Our research and discussions identifi ed several points that we think deserve further explanation. In this letter, you will fi nd explanations of the merger process as well as the pertinent C&B requirements. We hope you fi nd these informative.

As we have moved through this monumental undertaking, it has been a high priority to ensure the outcome will be fair, simple and easy to understand for all 20,000-plus United Flight Attendants.

In solidarity,
Lisa Bronte, Debbie Bau, Ray Leon Guerrero, Jack Hegg, April Moss, and Tony Wetterer

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