Hurricane Sandy Updates

Update October 30 - 1600 CST - United Station Operation Update

Update October 30 - 1230 CST - United Station Operation Update

Update October 29 - 1730 CST - United continues to track the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Here is the latest update from Inflight Services Scheduling:

  • Cancellations in/out of EWR, JFK and LGA will be extednded through 1200 (EST), Wednesday, October 31st. A gradual buid-up of flying will begin at that time, with a plan to fly a full schedule beginning at 1800 (EST).
  • After 1800 (EST) on Tuesday, October 30th, there will be a small number of dedicated flights into the Washington, DC area. Service in/out of IAD will resume on Wednesday, October 31st, with a gradual build-up of flying leading to a full schedule latere in the day.
  • United plans to ferry Crewmembers into EWR/IAD in order to be in position when services resume at these stations. Once the schedule is finialized, more information will become available.
  • NRPS (positive space) travel for Flight Attendants to BOS, EWR, JFK or IAD, or from these bases to another base is being extended through Thursday, November 1st.  In both cases, this is when that travel takes place in order to operate a trip.(Please note: BOS has been recently added to the list and the NRPS travel has been extended through Thursday, Nov. 1st)

Update October 29 - 1300 CST - United Station Operation Update

Update October 28 - 1400 CST - United Station Operation Update

Update October 27 - 2300 CST - As of this evening, the company has determined that it will shut down operations between Washington Dulles up to Boston Logan field as of 1900 EDT Sunday night (October 28, 2012) through 1800 EDT Tuesday, October 30 and this will include operations at JFK, LGA, and EWR.

The schedule pull down is taking place this evening and will be loaded into the Crew Management System (CMS) in Unimatic throughout the evening hours. Crew Scheduling is working to update the affected IDs as quickly as possible.

If you are commuting to work, you are encouraged to check your schedule at 1 800 FLT LINE before you begin your commute. The company will implement its Natural Disaster policy for employees affected by the hurricane. Should you have additional questions, contact your supervisor or your Local Council office.

Update October 27 - 1600 CST - As of Saturday morning, October 27 at 9:00AM, Hurricane Sandy is located north of the Bahamas with sustained winds of 75 mph.  The storm is tracking north-northeast at 10 mph.  Based on its current course, the storm is expected to affect the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the U.S.  

The projected track is expected to be wide, with the potential to impact residents from southern New England to New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia with an operational impact from IAD through the New York metropolitan area. 

It is possible that there will be widespread loss of power with impact on United's stations and the homes of employees in the affected areas. Operations at United hubs is expected to be adversely impacted by a reduction in arrival rates resulting from single runway operations. Driving conditions will also be affected due to rain, winds and flooding

At this time, no flight cancellations or schedule reductions have been determined in advance of the storms projected arrival.

Inflight management is encouraging Flight Attendants who commute to work to make travel arrangements considering the potential adverse impact of the storm on the airline's flight schedule.  To that end, a decision has been made to extend NRPS (positive space) travel for Flight Attendants who commute to work and who may be affected by the storm.

The travel period for which NRPS travel is being extended begins today, Saturday (10/27) at noon and runs through 2359 on Tuesday, October 30, 2012.

S-UA Flight Attendants may self-list for positive space travel to EWR, JFK or IAD (DCA or BWI), or from EWR, JFK or IAD (DCA or BWI) to another domicile, in both cases, when that travel takes place in order to operate a trip.

Instructions for listing for Positive space travel may be found on Flying Together >> Travel [Top Menu] >> Positive Space Business Travel, and are similar to those used when booking travel to training. Once you list for the flight upon which you wish to travel, your PNR needs to be authorized in order to complete the ticketing process.

Please provide your confirmation number via: 

  • DCA based Flight Attendants should telephone the duty desk at 703-572-7518 for authorization.
  • JFK (including those flying from the EWR co-terminal) based Flight Attendants should telephone the duty desk at 718-632-1395 for authorization.

Once authorized you will be able to select a seat and check-in for your flight.

The company is encouraging Flight attendants whose homes are in the path of this storm to take precautions for their residences and families and as well as their personal wellbeing.

Flight Attendants should check their schedules after 7:00PM (EST) this evening for any update resulting from the company's decision to implement a schedule adjustment.

October 27 - 1100 CST - The east coast of the United States is bracing for what has been described as "Frankenstorm."  United Airlines, local and state governments are carefully monitoring the storm path and getting ready.

Everyone along the U.S. East Coast should be paying attention to the storm path and be aware of contingency planning by local authorities.  As they say, prepare for the worst and hope for the best and be aware that the storm has the potential to affect air travel.

Our Contract includes reassignment parameters which allow the airline to respond to operational irregularities while ensuring certain pay and schedule protections for Flight Attendants.  We recommend you Carry your Contract and keep it close at hand.  

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