New Contract: Pay Rates and Seniority List Implementation

Date: August 16, 2016
Type: AFA Article

Pay Rates Implementation
We’ve received a number of questions inquiring as to when the increased rates of pay in our new Contract will be effective as well as when we will see these increased rates in our paychecks. There has been some confusion, in large part, because of the differences in the start and end dates of the Flight Attendant schedule months at each pre-merger subsidiary as well as in the difference between the current methods by which Flight Attendants are paid at each pre-merger airline. 

The most direct answer to when the rates become effective is the “September 2016 Flight Attendant Schedule month” which, for pre-merger United Flight Attendants, begins on August 30, 2016. 

As a further clarification, because we are always paid one month in arrears, although the increased rates of pay are effective on August 30th, we will see the increased rates of pay on what would be our October 1st “advance” paycheck.  (Because October 1st is a Saturday, the paycheck will be dated to fund into our bank accounts on September 30th.) 

Merged Seniority List Implementation
In accordance with the terms of the Crossover Letter of Agreement, Flight Attendants who crossed over to pre-merger CAL will be returned to their appropriate place on the seniority list based on their original pre-merger United SW Classification (bidding) seniority.  Management is in the process of restoring seniority for those individuals working at CAL under the 2008 and 2014 Crossover Letters of Agreement as well as the 2008 CMI Crossover Agreement.

These seniority adjustments, including the seniority adjustments made for training under the Seniority Merge Integration process for CAL & CMI Flight Attendants, will be effective at the same time the new rates of pay become effective in the September Flight Attendant schedule month.  September bidding is currently underway and awards of monthly schedules will be based on the separate seniority lists currently in effect. However, on the first day of the September bid month the merged seniority list will be effective for all competitive bidding activities, including move-up lines or other scheduling functions. Finally, when bidding in September for the October schedule month and all months going forward, the merged seniority list will be used at which time all Flight Attendants will use their full bidding seniority, including all adjustments, in the selection of their monthly schedules. Remember, these initial changes affect only CAL and CMI Flight Attendants and have no effect on pre-merger United Flight Attendants until we are all on a common scheduling platform.

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