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Immediate Actions

Ensure that continuation of duty would jeopardize your health/safety or that of your crew before claiming fatigue.

The company has stated that any Flight Attendant who says they are unable to continue on a flight because of fatigue will be relieved from duty. Of course, the Flight Attendant may be called upon to explain the reasons why they were fatigued and may be required to visit a medical facility designated by the company. If you are ever in this situation and a company official denies that you may be relieved from duty, quote the following language to him/her from System Board Case MEC 2-74. Mr. Ed Westervelt, while Staff Representative of Industrial Relations, stated: "The company will not require a Flight Attendant to continue duty at any point, in that duty period, if a Flight Attendant says that `I am too fatigued to continue.' That is, notwithstanding the Flight Attendant having been on duty six hours, two hours, eighteen hours, or whatever such period." (Page 105, transcript of MEC Grievance 2-74).

Despite the company's stated position, individual situations may arise in which management may directly order the Flight Attendant to continue the trip (see Insubordination). You must continue the trip unless your health and safety or that of the crew or passengers will be immediately jeopardized if you continue to work the flight.

Return to Your Rights as an Employee