Reassignment 101: The Basics

When circumstances cause us to lose all or part of our ID(s) through cancellation, misconnect, or becoming illegal for our scheduled ID(s), our Contract outlines the procedures the company is required to follow in the reassignment process.  Our Contract provides guidance as to what is considered a reassignment as well as the specific circumstances that can cause a reassignment to occur. 

What is reassignment? (Defined in Section 2.AA.)

A Lineholder shall be considered as having been reassigned when:

  1. The Flight Attendant is illegal or out of position to fly the scheduled flight or ID, or
  2. The scheduled flight or ID will not operate as planned and such Lineholder is assigned to cover any other flight or ID under the provisions of this Agreement

Circumstances for Reassignment (Itemized in Section 9.O.)

  1. Flight cancellation or misconnection.
  2. Legality problem.
  3. On-time sections.
  4. Errors in Assignment (refer to Section 8.I.).
  5. End-of-Month conflict (refer to Section 7.A.4. and 12.O.4.).
  6. Jury Duty (refer to Section 4.N.).
  7. Court witness for Company (refer to Section 4.O.).
  8. High time projection (refer to Section 7.A.6. and 12.G.6.).
  9. Restoring minimum days off (refer to Section 7.G.2.).
  10. Restoring 1 day off in 7 (refer to Section 7.F.2.).
  11. Missed trip.
  12. First segment deviation (refer to Section 11).
  13. Priority will be given to assigning Flight Attendants to IDs in the same operation and for the same number of days.

Reassignments and Line Guarantee (Sections 8.J.1. and 12.I.2.)

When a Lineholder loses all or part of an ID, she/he is subject to reassignment and will receive pay and flight time credit based on the original ID or the reassigned ID, whichever is greater.  Line guarantee reassignments are made at the home domicile.

Section 8.J.1. Contract Language Excerpt

"In the event a Lineholder involuntarily loses all or any part of her/his ID(s) in her/his original or adjusted line of flying during the month (except for time lost due to end-of-month schedule conflicts…below), she/he may be reassigned to another ID(s) and shall receive pay and flight time credit on the basis of the total scheduled time shown in her/his line of flying or what was actually flown in the reassignment, whichever is greater…"

Notification of Reassignment

Notification of any assignment or reassignment for Lineholders or Reserves must be accomplished through direct telephone conversation with a crew scheduler.  Flight Attendants in the purser position are not required to (nor should they take responsibility to) inform other Members of the crew of a delay, cancellation or reassignment.  These notifications need to be handled by the scheduler directly with the Flight Attendant(s) involved.

While ACARS messages may be used to relay a request to contact crew scheduling upon arrival, ACARS or other non-approved forms of notification are not acceptable means by which any reassignments are communicated.  If you receive a message in this way, you should contact the crew scheduler once you are able to do so.

When required to contact the company at a later time for a reassignment, you may be required to call back one time in the same day for an 8.J. assignment, at a reasonable pre-designated time.  In addition, you can be required to contact the crew desk at a pre-designated time once per day on each day originally scheduled to work including the additional 22, 24 or 36 hours based on the operation to which you were assigned.

How Many IDs can I be reassigned to in the domestic operation? (Section 8.J.1.)

Priority is given to reassigning Flight Attendants to IDs in the same operation and for the same number of days. You may be reassigned to no more than one ID for which you are legal and returns to your home domicile no more than 22 hours later than the original scheduled ID and which does not interfere with your next scheduled ID.

What Happens if the ID to Which I am Reassigned Cancels?

If the reassignment cancels you may receive an additional reassignment and any additional reassignment must take into account the 22 hour provision based on the scheduled arrival of the original ID.

What If the ID to Which I am Reassigned Operates Partially and Cancels?

If the ID to which you are reassigned itself partially cancels, you are not subject to further reassignment following your return to your domicile.

How Many IDs can I be reassigned to in the International operation? (Section 12.I.2)

For International IDs of four (4) calendar days or less, reassignment may be to any ID (singular) for which legal which returns to the home domicile not more than 24 hours later than the original scheduled ID and does not interfere with the next scheduled ID.  Priority will be given to assigning Flight Attendants to IDs in the same operations and the same number of days.

For International IDs in excess of four (4) calendar days, the company is allowed a maximum of two (2) reassignments provided that the ID to which scheduled returns the Flight Attendant to the home domicile not more than 36 hours later than the original scheduled ID.

Declining a Reassignment (Sections 8.J.1.a. and 12.I.2.a.)

After you are aware of the reassignment ID, you will have two options:

  1. Accept the assignment, or
  2. Decline the assignment, if the number of Reserves available is equal to or greater than the projected number of Flight Attendants needed for the specific time period of the reassignment.

If you decline the reassignment your projection and line guarantee will be reduced by the value of the original assignment/ID. 

What is Crew Scheduling's Obligation to Return Me Home (Sections 8.J.1. and 12.I.2.)

Operation Return to Home
Domestic No More than 22 hours later than the original scheduled ID
International ID 4 days or less:  No More than 24 hours later than the original scheduled ID ID more than 4 days: No more than 36 hours later than original scheduled ID

Sections 8.J. for Domestic and 12.I. Internationally apply when at your home domicile. 

Sections 9.I. and 9.K apply for reassignments away from home Domestically, and 12.Q. and 12.R. for International flying when away from home.

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