Monthly Schedule Maximum Domestic (Section 7.A.)

Our Contract provides that the maximum domestic credited flight time per month is 95 hours.

Section 7.A.8. of our new Contract provides that any Flight Attendant may, at their option, elect to project their monthly maximum to either 100 hours or over 100 hours. Lineholders may opt to 100 or over 100 through picking up from open flying, trip trading, accepting an assignment or by calling the crew desk/service center. Reserves may opt to 100 or over 100 when bidding for their lines or by calling the service center/crew desk.

No Flight Attendant (Lineholder or Reserve) can be forced to opt to fly more hours without her/his concurrence.

A Flight Attendant may not be reassigned if, as a result, their monthly flight time projection exceeds 95 hours of actual flight time.

If a Flight Attendant is drafted, which results in projecting their schedule over 95 hours of credited flight time, their monthly schedule must be adjusted during the month to lower their projection to no more than the maximum credited flight time.

Line Construction
In addition to the maximum monthly schedule maximum, Section 9.A.3. of our Contract provides that Domestic (and International) lines of flying be constructed so that the average of all lines at each domicile is not more than 88 hours credited flight time per month. An important component of our Contract also stipulates that lines be constructed by the Union Local Schedule Committee. Having our Union as an integral part of the line construction process, Flight Attendants from your domicile who fly these trips and use your feedback, work to maintain the quality of our schedules.

The 95 hour flight time maximum limitation does not apply to line construction, however as Section 7.A. states, no Flight Attendant can be required to fly more than their scheduled monthly schedule maximum of 95 hours (unless they opt to 100 or over 100). If a Lineholder Flight Attendant is projected over 95 hours in a month, they may follow the resolving over monthly actual and making yourself legal process after line bids have been awarded to reduce projected time. Once a Reserve Flight Attendant reaches 95 hours, she/he cannot be forced to work beyond this monthly maximum and must be released from duty for any remaining Reserve days.

Union Local Schedule Committees at each domicile build monthly flying schedules for preferencing by Flight Attendants. Per our Contract lines of flying may not require an increase in the number of Flight Attendants or worsen the working conditions of the junior Flight Attendants.

Resolving Over Monthly Actual and Making Yourself Legal
While there have been recent changes from a quarterly system to a monthly system as a result of our new Contract, there has not been any change to the process by which you should make yourself legal or resolve over monthly actual flight time situations.

In situations where your projection exceeds your monthly maximum, Section 7.A.3. provides the ability to resolve a domestic legality conflict. The legality should be resolved, preferably through trip trading with other Flight Attendants or open flying. By providing an opportunity to first resolve the situation ourselves, we are provided the greatest flexibility in managing our schedule while at the same time the ability to maximize our income. In the event you are unable to resolve your over monthly actual situation, the company is obligated to work with you as required by Section 9.E.3. of our Contract.

Section 9.E.3. provides that if you are projected over 95 hours in a month, and unable to reduce time through trip trade procedures, you should contact Inflight Scheduling for rescheduling. You may be projected 95 hours for the last ID of the month, but if it is necessary to drop an ID because of high time, your preference as to which ID is to be dropped will be considered in concurrence with Inflight Scheduling.

Benefits of Monthly Schedule Maximums
Establishing a Contractual limit to the maximum number of hours management can schedule us to, on a monthly basis, protects us from being forced to fly more hours in any given month, offers schedule trading opportunities to increase or decrease time, and protects our jobs. The more hours each of us can be scheduled to fly, the fewer Flight Attendants are needed to do our job and diminishes our schedule flexibility. Furthermore with out any monthly maximum we would be forced to work more that we plan to fly for the month.

Monthly Schedule Maximum language does limit the company on how many hours they can schedule us, but does not limit our ability to drop trips allowing us to discretionally decrease our own hours or opting to increase hours to fly more and maximize hour income. In fact, with our new Contract, we have the ability to fly unlimited hours (over 100) at our option. Monthly schedule maximums work only to protect us and in no way hinder our ability to trade or work more hours.

Monthly Schedule Maximum Review:

  • Lines of flying may be constructed over 95 hours; however, you cannot be forced to fly more than your monthly schedule maximum. You may reduce your monthly projected schedule through trip trading with open flying or another Flight Attendant, the RDO process or by calling Inflight Scheduling.
  • All Flight Attendants, Lineholders and Reserves, have the ability to opt to 100 hours or over 100 hours at your discretion. No Flight Attendant can be forced by the company to opt for more hours.
  • Having a Contractual monthly schedule maximum provides greater schedule flexibility options, allowing for each Flight Attendant to increase hours maximizing income on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly schedule maximums protect Flight Attendant jobs by ensuring flight time hours are distributed to more Flight Attendants. Higher maximums would result in decreased schedule flexibility.


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