Interim Vacation Bidding (Section 18.G.)

Our Contract provides the ability for Flight Attendants to trade their unused Vacation for an open vacation period throughout the year.

Section 18.G of our Contract requires that all un-awarded or vacated primary vacation days must be posted for interim vacation bids. 

Schedule Month Bids Open Bids Close
January December 30th January 6th
February January 30th February 6th
March March 2nd March 9th
April April 1st April 8th
May May 1st May 8th
June June 1st June 8th
July June 30th July 7th
August July 30 August 6th
September August 31st September 7th
October September 29th October 6th

Section 18.G.4. Interim Vacation Bidding

Vacation left open and vacated primary vacation days will be posted for bid in the next interim bid process. If there are fewer than five (5) workdays prior to the next interim bid process, the vacated and open days will be posted in the following month.

  • Interim Vacation Bidding opens on the first business day (weekday) of the schedule month and remains open for seven (7) consecutive days.
  • If you were assigned/awarded a January or February vacation in the annual award, you are not eligible to bid out of these by the use of interim bid.  You may, however, move your entire February vacation to any other vacation period within the February schedule month.
  • Interim Bids must be submitted via SkyNet.
  • You can interim bid a February vacation for alternate days in February during the December interim bid process if there are available days posted.
  • You many not vacate a vacation in the month following the interim vacation bid. (ex. In the April interim you may not interim out of a May vacation.)
  • Flight Attendants are allowed unlimited interim vacation bids. 
  • You may split your vacation throughout the interim bid process, as long as it does not give you more splits than you are allowed.

    Split Vacation Example:
    If you have a total of 16 days vacation, 10/1-10/16, you may submit an interim bid vacating 10/1-10/7 for 5/1-5/7.
  • Remember, the same two-month advance restriction that applies to vacation trading also applies to interim bidding.  The company can waive this restriction based on their needs for the operation. 

Transferring to New Domicile

Transferring Flight Attendants must interim bid when arriving at their new domicile unless otherwise advised by the company.  

Section 18.G.4. Interim Vacation Bidding

A Flight Attendant who transfers shall not be assigned a vacation without first having the opportunity to submit an interim bid, unless an open vacation would thus be lost to the Company. Further, except for transfers effective in November and December, a Flight Attendant shall be allowed at least one (1) calendar month at the new domicile before being required to take any unused vacation.

  • Accepting a transfer prior to 1200 the day before vacation bids close for that particular domicile will ensure that the bid will be awarded in the new domicile.
  • Accepting a transfer after the close of any vacation bid phase, the vacation may be awarded in the old domicile.  As a result, it will be necessary for you to re-bid your vacation at the new domicile in the first available interim vacation period after the effective date of the transfer. Your VACBID screen will reflect unassigned vacation days. 
  • Vacation awarded in any phase prior to the transfer acceptance will be placed into interim vacation at the old domicile and you must re-bid in the first available interim vacation period after the effective date of the transfer. 
  • Transfer effective dates after December 31st:  Vacation awards will be placed in interim and must be bid in the first available interim vacation bid after the effective date of the transfer.

Special Situations

Section 18.R of our Contract provides should you be hospitalized, on jury duty or on an occupational illness absence for a major portion of your vacation, you may attempt to bid a later vacation using the interim bid process.  Contact the Flight Attendant Support Team (FAST) at FLT-LINE (Option 4, 4) to submit bids for these situations:

Section 18.R. Vacation Deferral

A Flight Attendant hospitalized due to illness or injury or on occupational sick leave, covering the major portion of her/his vacation period, or who is required to serve on jury duty during the major portion of her/his vacation period, may attempt to bid a later vacation during the remainder of the year by use of the interim vacation bidding procedures of Paragraph G. In the event she/he is unsuccessful, she/he will receive vacation pay based on the original vacation period.

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